Feeding my Sissy

One of my street sluts, who all day stands on the street to work for his mistress and goddess came to my studio, to bring me some money. Because my sissy looked so emaciated, I thought I should give something to eat him. Miss Jane and me fixed the livestock to the pillory and gave him an appetizer in the form of snot and light beats (I cannot hit too hard, because that might reduce his earnings). So Miss Jane made her a beautiful gourmet plate of shit done, exactly before the nose of my street bitch, so he could see the pussy and the opening rosette of Miss Jane. Then my sissy got the shit bite for bite lovingly stuffed in his mouth, he obediently swallowed everything. Now my Sissy was strengthened properly and was able to continue her slave service on the streets! Download Feeding my Sissy movie

133.1 Mistress Isabella 2009

113.1 intro of this video with a very good slave, i think it was 2009 and i come back to piemonte from Sardinia. This is the first clip, 20 minutes, submission ad fetish. I want to remember you now im again in Sardinia and i love 24/7 H24. I do not want to bored me this summer, i want new slaves. Write me, my website is free: www.mistressisabella.org and you will find my email. MP4 Download 133.1 Mistress Isabella 2009 movie


a shorter movie than usually we do but so INTENSE !! Mistress didnt have so much time, somebody was at her door and told me she is in a hurry and cannot keep her huge DIARHEEA in her so i must hurry up to prepare myself to become again her receptacle for her sweet DIARHEEA !! With mouth open wide, she fill it with pee, makes me drink it then deposited a huge amount of DIARHEEA in it. AFTER ALL, I AM JUST A MOUTH READY FOR HER, AND TO HUMILIATE ME MORE, SHE PUT HER NAKED FOOT INTO MY MOUTH DEEP TO BE SURE EVERYTHING WILL BE GOING IN MY STOMACH ASAP !!! Download DRINKING DIARHEEA AND PEE WITH FOOT DEEP INSIDE THROAT movie

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