Drinking My Dirty Enema Water!

I have a very dirty ass! I have to make sure to get it nice and clean! It takes a lot of work to clean a dirty, filthy ass like mine! Luckily, I have a nice big enema bag! I can pump huge amounts of water into my filthy ass and then squirt it all out! I know I am cleaning my ass out because the water comes out dark brown and filled with yucky chunks from my ass! The water smells awful too! I collect it all in a bowl! I have a bowl full of my disgusting enema water! Look at how brown and gross it is! This water was pushing up my asshole and then squirted out! Now its here in this bowl waiting for me to taste it! To drink it! And to pour it all over my big, juicy tits! I stick my head in the bowl and lick the water! Oh gross! Its nasty! It smells like stale poop! I stick my hand in the bowl and lick the water off of my fingers! Then I lift the bowl to my mouth and pour the water into my mouth! I take a drink of the stinky water. I can see the chunks of poop floating in the bowl! Chunks of food I ate days ago! I cant believe how dirty my ass was! After Ive gotten my fill of the gross enema water I raise the bowl up high and pour the water all over my tits! Oh! It feels so good to be covered in my filth! Enjoy! Download Drinking My Dirty Enema Water! movie

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