Time For Dinner Toilet Slave!

Toilet slave, are you hungry? I bet you are! I bet you are starving. You only get to eat the shit from my asshole. That is your only source of food. You will eat the shit from my ass and nothing else. So I know you are hungry. You are starving for my shit! Is your mouth watering? Is your belly growling. You will eat every last drop of my shit, slave. You will eat it all. Do not choke or gag and even attempt to spit up my shit! You eat it all because you love the taste of my poop, toilet slave! You cant get enough of my shit! Now open up! Im going to shit in your mouth! Enjoy! Download Time For Dinner Toilet Slave! movie

Standing EFRO Fun

I love to shit! It makes me feel so good to let out huge massive piles of sexy, stinky shit! Watch me dance around in my living room with an asshole full of shit! I tell you how it feels to have my ass full and how it feels to be desperate to let it all out! Finally its time to shit! I stand in front of the camera grab my ass checks and slowly push out a nice big load of my fresh, warm, shit! It feels amazing to let it all out! To feel my asshole slowly open up and stretch as these massive thick turds work their way out of my happy little asshole! Listen to me giggle and talk dirty to you as I shit so good! Then, get as close up look of all the shit that just came out of my ass! Oh! Its so hot! Enjoy! Download Standing EFRO Fun movie

Domesticated slave smothered and pissed on!

This slave is already domesticated to server his mistress but he has some way to go before he is full trained in the fine arts of scatology. He is dominated by feet and smothered as she sits on his face and grinds so hard he finds it difficult to take a breath. As a reward, he is ordered to open his mouth to allow his mistress to deliver piss directly into his mouth! Once he has mastered the golden showers, he will be promoted to give him the opportunity to eat her shit! Download Domesticated slave smothered and pissed on! movie

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