Smearing in bathtub

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Pathetic Male Officemate Turns Into a Toilet Slave!

He desperately wants to be liked by the girls in the office and hes willing to do whatever it takes. The girls decide to test him. They make him strip and lie down on the floor and make him do their bidding. The girls take turns peeing into a glass bowl. They show his face into it and makes him drink and lick all the pee. Afterwards, they sit on his face and make him service their slutty cunts. Download Pathetic Male Officemate Turns Into a Toilet Slave! movie

Domestic slave training smothered and scat on!

This slave is smothered in the face and struggles to get his breath but this doesnt stop his mistress from grinding into his face even harder. As she smothers him she starts to slowly release her sweet shit onto the slave in training. After smearing it over his mouth, he is ordered to get down on his hands and knees and to consume her shit from the floor like a dog. The mistress is wearing beautiful stocking and she pushes his head down under her feet into the hot pile of shit she has freshly delivered. Download Domestic slave training smothered and scat on! movie

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