Husbands hidden agenda – Part 2

Part 2 – This guy has an hidden agenda, his wife doesn?t know that he is like this! To fullfil his desire, he converted their basement into a dungeon where he hides his other woman who is there to only service him!!! After work, he visits the dungeon and get his slave to lick his ass, suck his dick, smell his farts and of course drinks his piss and receives his feces! Download Husbands hidden agenda – Part 2 movie


Whenever Godess is ready to fill a slave mouth with Diarheea she have a human toilet for that at her place, under her ass !! This kind of life become everyday ritual for Godess because she will not going anymore into the casual toilet to relieve !!! And more thananything in the world, Godess is so hungry to do more kinks…..stay with us for more Download HUGE DIARHEEA IN OPEN WIDE MOUTH movie

Diapered Beach Day!

Its a beautiful day to go to the beach! But Im not wearing a bathing suit! Im wearing a diaper! There are lots of people on the beach today but I want to show off my diaper so bad! It feels so good to run around and play in the sand and water when Im wearing a diaper in public! Plus if I need to poop I can just go in a my diaper! Uh Oh! I think I need to poop now! I start to grunt and push and my poop slowly fills my diaper! My grunts are so loud and you can see people behind me! I hope they dont see me! I hope the sound of the wind and the wave drown out my disgusting moans and grunts! I have to push hard to poop when Im wearing a diaper! Finally I empty my butt! I have a huge stinky load in my diaper! I want to run around and play! It feels so good feeling that warm bulge in my diaper! It stinks too! I hope none of the other beach goers can smell me! Sadly its time to go, but first, do you want to see whats inside my diaper!? Watch as I take it off right there on the boardwalk! Its so wet and soggy and there is poop all over the diaper and all over my ass! It got smeared everywhere while I was playing on the beach! Im such a filthy diaper girl! Enjoy! Download Diapered Beach Day! movie

Tight Ass Close UP Shitting! – non HD

Its one thing to watch a pretty girl shitting; its another thing to see it in a way that looks like shes shitting right on your face! She pulls down her shorts and panties and sits on the bowl. After a minute of grunting, her pretty asshole ejects a long piece of turd which plunks down noisily on the water. She wipes her ass clean using tissue paper, stands up, and puts on her panties and shorts before walking out of the comfort room. Download Tight Ass Close UP Shitting! – non HD movie

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