Diarrhea directly into throat after CBT

Godess feel great again today (she was in a good mood) 🙂 Calling me quickly at her dungeon she order me to undress and take my position for obeying all her orders. She tie my cock and balls, use them for her pleasure, slapping them, ballbusting them, using my mouth for ashtray, spitting into my mouth, and ordering me to sniff and smell her dirty asshole. After all humiliating tasks, she agree to give me my meal, and my drink. She needs help when she was peeing into a box for my later meal. Then she use my mouth and throat for depositing a huge Diarrhea. At the end she allow me to stroke my tied cock using her Diarrhea on it. Thx Godess !! Download Diarrhea directly into throat after CBT movie

You�re Not Worthy Of My Shit!

You disgusting toilet slave! I know you want my shit, but you are not worthy of it! My shit is the most precious and holy thing in the world. You are nothing, a worthless little toilet slave. You do not deserve my shit! I want to hear you beg for it. It amuses me to hear you beg for something Ill never give you. Humble yourself, toilet slave. Humiliate yourself for my amusement! What would you do for my shit? What would you give up? Would you give up food and water? How about the air that you breathe? Would you give your life to be able to eat my shit? I wont allow you to eat one drop until you are worthy of my shit! Just sit there and watch me push out the shit that your are too worthless for! Smell my asshole, crave my shit. You can look, but you cant taste! Watch as I push out a huge load of shit! I know you want it! I know you desire my poop! I love denying you the one thing you want more than anything else in the world! My shit! Enjoy! Download You�re Not Worthy Of My Shit! movie

Kinky Babe Gets Smeared With Shit! – Full Movie

She lures the two gardeners and commands them to fuck and shit on her. The boys wasted no time giving her what she wants. They take turns fucking the horny bitch from behind. They fuck her hard on the grass too. She shits on their hands and makes them smear it all over her body. Soon her body is coated with her own smelly shit! Download Kinky Babe Gets Smeared With Shit! – Full Movie movie

Bored at the office turn into messy POOP and lesbian encounter! Non HD Part 1 movie

PART 1 MOVIE – These girls are bored and frustrated at the office, they ended up turning their boredom at their female manager in which the first female followed the manager in the ladies toilet and film her having a shit!!! She is definitely picking at her poor manager. When they both returned its break time so no one else is at the office. Both office mates ganged up on their manager, they first turn on the camera and film what they were doing to her. The poor manager is protesting, struggling and begging them to stop tormenting her.. They tied her up and rip her clothes off and started licking her pussy! The more she struggles and protest the more it turns the girls on!!! In between licking her and tormenting her they both then take turns to squat on managers belly and take a dump like shes a toilet bowl!!! And the torments continues.. Download Bored at the office turn into messy POOP and lesbian encounter! Non HD Part 1 movie movie

128.3 After eating my shit

128.3 May be you think that the slave can relax after eating my shit but not ever is possible…. i want a feet massage with the tongue and i have a lot of orders for my slave…. other 30 minutes and it is 1 hour and an half this video is beginned. My english is not very well but i think you can understand me. And it is not finish, i prepare my slave for a penetration. It is EXHAUSTING for my slave. MP4 Download 128.3 After eating my shit movie

Raining Piss!

She loves piss so much its not enough for her to drink other peoples urine – she needs people to pee on her as if shes a human toilet. Fortunately, there is no shortage of men who will gladly take their cocks out and soak her in golden showers. Buried waist-down in soil and ropes criss-crossing her tits, she opens her mouth and enjoys the warm piss raining down all over her trapped body. She tries to drink as much piss as she can and encourages the men to pee some more. Download Raining Piss! movie

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