Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I have a very special present for you! Look at this cute little Christmas bag I have for you to open! Oh no! Its empty! Hmm… Well, I guess Ill have to fill it up for you! I want you to have a very special Christmas so I will give you the most special gift! I open my little Christmas bag and squat right over it! I let out a cute little giggle and start filling the bag with my fresh warm pee! Oh it feels good to pee for you! I think you will be very happy to receive my pee for Christmas! What!? My pee is not enough for you!? You want some poo too!? Well, okay! I can do that! The pee bag is full and wont stay up so I get another little Christmas bag, open it up and squat right over it! I hope my poo lands in the bag! I start pushing and squeezing out a nice big load just for you! Merry Christmas! Download Merry Christmas! movie

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