Turd Eating!

Its time for part two of my massive turd fun! Listen to me talk dirty to you. I tell you all about the HUGE turd I just shit out! I love talking about my nasty, sexy adventures! Please listen to me tell you all about how I am going to eat my shit! I cant wait to taste it, lick it, and feel it working its way down into my belly. Then, in a few days, I will shit it out again! Thinking about eating my shit is turning me on so much! Its time to play with the real thing! I pick up my GIANT turd and smell it! Mmm! Its still warm! Its smells so good! I keep talking dirty as I suck my turd like a cock. Its time to eat my shit! I pick out a nice little turd and pop it into my mouth! Mmm! It taste so good! Then, I swallow! I gag a little and my eyes tear up but I do it! I swallow my shit! I love eating my shit! I wish I could bite into my big log and just chew my shit and swallow it down. But for now, I will stick to the cute little turds! I love eating my shit so much I eat another one! Watch me gag a little and then swallow that baby down! I love being a happy little shit eater! Download Turd Eating! movie

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